Arya Vidyapith
An English Medium Senior Secondary School

CBSE Affiliation No. 330441


WELCOME TO Arya Vidyapith

At the outset, on behalf of the Kunti Shankar Educational Trust, of which Arya Vidyapith is an arm, it is indeed an honour to welcome you aboard the website of the best English medium CBSE-affiliated school in East Champaran. If you spare but a few moments to visit all the pages for a virtual tour of our institution cradled within a tranquil very large lush green campus at Balganga, near Raghunathpur in Motihari, we shall corroborate why we are the best – not in lofty claims, but in deeds.


The arduous journey began over three decades ago in 1985, when decent school education in the district of Motihari floundered like an orphaned tramp. It was then that a seedling was planted as part of a philanthropic initiative by the renowned homoeopathic practitioner of the district, Dr. S. P. Singh, with the sole intent to propagate the light of knowledge, therefore aptly christened ‘Arya Vidyapith.’ ‘Arya’ finds its roots in ancient Sanskrit, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘best.’ That is what the school’s vision was, and still is today – ensure the noblest, the very best so that each Aryan should be resilient, feel secure and supported in reaching the acne of his potential, becoming battle-ready along the way to stump the challenges of tomorrow.


Our mission and ethos has always been unswerving – with wind in our sails, we will embrace uniqueness, nurture creativity and encourage growth in every child. We have always believed in being a happy school. Children are happy here. They feel safe, secure and are able to express themselves, not just through academic pursuits, but also through multiple sporting, yogic and co-curricular activities. An exciting and energetic atmosphere pervades the school – it is a place full of positivity and opportunities. The teachers and staff thrive on the challenges of creating the highest standards of learning and children engage willingly, eager to learn every step of the way.


We are never static, just like our school isn’t. One of the many delights of being able to spend our days working with growing and changing children, and adults, is that being ‘stuck’ anywhere is never really an option. Upgrading ourselves is our second nature. The latest and the best in pedagogy and technology embellish our efforts. Just like the wind moves the sails of the windmill, they push our school community forward and we all learn more about ourselves and one another through them. We thus keep moving forward.


We also understand the importance of excellent home-school partnership and for this very reason, encourage strong parental input into their child’s education. We operate on an open-door policy and are seamlessly open to new ideas and suggestions.


In sum, we thrive on the three ‘I’s – Intent, Implementation and Impact. If elaborated, our avowed motto is: A good intent and single-minded implementation of it, geared to make a lasting impact on the child today and indeed, the society at large tomorrow.


So, you see, we let our actions, and not our tongue do the talking. It is impossible to capture the complete picture in this space. So, I encourage you to look at the whole website and, if possible, come and have a look around our school. If you would like further information about any aspect of our school, or would like to arrange for an on-campus tour, please contact the school office at the address, telephone number or e-mail as shown in our contact details.


Here’s hoping that your tour helps you take a decision on the future of your kid.


Trustfully yours,


Ranjeet Kumar

Executive Director


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